Cell Phone: Is it a necessity at school?



1. Gathering Information: Read and view all the articles and videos given below. Make a Mind-Map on the pros and cons of cell phones use in the classroom. You have to analyze, synthesize and evaluate all the information gathered from the resources given before categorizing them into pros and cons.

2. Selecting a stand : After completing your Mind-Map, evaluate these points and discuss with your group members on which stand to support, whether to agree or disagree on the use of cell phones in the classroom or to allow them under certain rules. Then, discuss three argumentative points to support your stand with relevant exemplification and justification.   

3. Oral Presentation: Prepare posters using mahjong paper to present your group presentation. All members have to present individually between 5-10 minutes. You have to use interesting, relevant and attractive graphics. You have to present three argumentative points with adequate exemplification and justification.

4. Choosing a role: In the same group, discuss and choose a role from the list given to write your opinion and comments on the use of cell phones in the classroom. The roles are the school principal, the English Language teacher and one of the parents from the school community. Find information from the resources below and write your newsletter article in about 350 words and above. Before writing all the three articles onto the newsletter, proofread them among your group members. 

5. Newsletter: Next, choose one of the newsletter/article templates given below to write all your articles in it. You can edit the text as well as the pictures. Decide suitable titles for your articles on the use of cell phones in the classroom. When it is completed, email your newsletter to your teacher for assessment and feedback. You can even send it to your friends for comments and feedback.  


Video Clips




NoCell Phones jn School?

Fair Cell Phone Use in School

Cell Phones at School: Nuisance or Necessity?

Niexter: Phones in School

Cell Phones Time to Lift the Ban on Mobiles in the SchoolSetting?

CellPhones and Text Messaging -School Safety

Cell phones in school: Tools or toys?

Newsletter Templates

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