Are We Still Colonising Aboriginal Land?



Step 1.
Before you decide on the roles you will undertake, you will need to do some research and planning. You have already watched Rush to Riches, so you have a good idea of the issue at hand and the concept of social responsibility.  You have been given the title and know it must examine social responsibility - these are good clues as to what you should be including when writing each from viewpoint.
It might be a good idea to refresh on colonisation and social responsibility

TIP: Visit the Australia day student resources page and read the Good Practice Good Business worksheet in the resource section.

Step 2.
Now that you have done some initial research, you need to assign yourselves a role. Refer to the "task" page and decide who will take on each role.
Once assigned, here are some ideas to help get you underway:

Journalist - Background
  • What is going on, who is involved (e.g Woodside, WA government)
  • What is social responsibility
  • What is colonisation - what happened in the past, is it happening now?

TIP: Use the Five W's worksheet in the resources section to help you plan

Journalists - Viewpoints of the Indigenous people & Woodside Petroleum

You are presenting each side of the story, so you need to provide proof of your viewpoint. (e.g - Woodside are meeting their responsibility to the aboriginal people by ....... )
You are trying to
argue and convince that your viewpoint is correct - this is known as persuasive writing and it:
  • Sets out to argue and prove a case
  • Aims to convince targeted audience of the validity of a viewpoint on an issue by presenting logical argument
  • Presents ideas that follow in logical progression
  • Anticipates and answers possible objections or opposing arguments
  • Presents well researched evidence to support the case
  • Provides facts from reputable authorities and research to prove, or disapprove, a position
TIP:  Use the persuasion map worksheet in the resources section to help you plan.
Also helpful and found in the resources section: WA Dept of development FAQ's, Save the Kimberley website & Principles - Development & Indigenous Land.

Step 3.
You are now ready to design the layout of your newspaper feature.
Microsoft Publisher - which can be found on your desktop is a good place to start. Take a look at the Newsletter templates - there are lots of ways/ideas to help you with the layout. If you get stuck, use the help menu. You want to attract the readers attention, so remember a picture can tell a 1000 words - so be sure to use graphics, colour and artwork. Check out some newspapers published online for some ideas. Google Images is a good place to search for pictures.

Some Final thoughts...
Use the resources section below, there is some information to help you generate ideas for your task.  If you are having trouble, do some more research, you will find if you read from a wide variety of sources, this will help you understand. The Rush to Riches page has alot of information, so don't forget to check it out.

Read other articles/features to help you write yours. Feel free to quote, but do not copy, I want to see your original work.

This is a controversial issue, and you will have differing opinions, which is great, listen and respect others opinions. Racism WILL NOT be tolerated - If you are found to be racist, the consequences will be serious.

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