The object of this WEB QUEST is to work as a team and create  a small community newspaper. You will each have a job title. Your newspaper and individual tasks will be based on the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and the powerful theme of racial segregation. You will need to form a group of five members; each of you will be given individual tasks. Each task will be a contribution to your newspaper. To complete your individual tasks you will be required to access, study and take notes from the resources provided. For successful creation of your newspaper it is imperative to work well as a team and be committed to your individual projects. GOOD LUCK!

Process overview:

To each take on a job title as a newspaper employee.
Brainstorm the structure of your newspaper as a team.
To participate in publication of the newspaper.
To access articles and research websites provided necessary for completion of individual tasks.
To make notes of ideas and information learned.
To carefully read and respond to tasks appropriately.
To work as a team in editing and proof reading each others work.
Exchange constructive criticism.
Finalise the stucture of your newspaper.
Add a list references.

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