International Women's Hall of Fame



You will have two weeks to complete your task.  Your final project will be evaluated on the following four main categories:

  • strong vocabulary (including appropriate action verbs),
  • correct use of grammar (including a variety and range of structures),
  • adherence to proper essay form (with clear transitions from one section to another and good coherence and cohesion), 
  • adherence to Criteria and Required Questions for Nominations (see attachment at bottom of page)

Follow these three steps to complete your quest:


STEP ONE:  Choose a woman from history

  1. First, decide on an area or topic you are interested in: for example, music, art, history, politics, sports, etc. 
  2. Now begin a search for a woman who made advancements, discoveries, or developments in this area.  You can use internet search engines such as google, yahoo, dogpile, etc.  Of course, you can also use other internet sources or visit the library or consult with someone in the area you have chosen.  Perhaps you can find someone with a good tip!!

      Some useful links to get you started:


STEP TWO:  Write your nomination essay

1.  Once you have found a woman you believe is deserving of a nomination, you will have to write a nomination essay.  Refer to the links below to help you with appropriate vocabulary, grammar and the writing process. 


Before you begin writing, please carefully read the two documents attached at the bottom of this page.  They give you specific criteria and questions for a nomination essay as well as guidelines for writing a successful nomination essay.



Vocabulary Tips:


Practice Action Verbs by doing these exercises (If the links do not work, try cutting and pasting them into your browser.)

  • In this first exercise you will be given a series of sentences with action verbs missing.  Read each sentence and decide which action verb would be most appropriate.  Refer to the Action Verb website link if you need more help!  http://uk1.hotpotatoes.net/ex/27800/FAAAKEDF.php


  • In this second exercise read the passage first and identify all of the action verbs.  Then complete the crossword puzzle using the action verbs  you have found to reinforce what you have learned.  Learn something new while having fun!!  http://uk1.hotpotatoes.net/ex/27800/YIMCVCOY.php



Grammar Tips: 


Essay Writing Tips: 

Refer to the documents below on criteria, requirements and tips to help you write your essay.  Be sure to include the following information in your nomination essay: background information on the woman you have chosen, what she has contributed to her field, country, or the world, and why she should be nominated.  The following questions can also guide your investigation:  Did she affect other people's lives in a positive way?  Did she act as a role model?  Did she surpass what others did in her field?  Here is another link to guide you through the process:  http://www.merrillassociates.com/topic/2003/10/writing-award-winning-nominations/


STEP THREE:  Share your nomination with the rest of the class.

Share your nomination essay with the rest of the group.  Everyone will read all of the nomination essay and then vote on who is the most worthy of being inducted into the International Women's Hall of Fame at this time. 

Please do not lose heart if your nominee is not chosen at this time.  You can always rewrite your essay and try again next time!!


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