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As an educator, have you ever wished you could tag/encapsulate just a "blip" of a youtube video for class instruction? Follow the steps below for incorporating portions of youtube videos into your lessons.

  1. Create a Blipsnip account by going to blipsnips.com.
  2. Go to youtube.com and select a video for your curriculum.
  3. Copy and paste the selected youtube url in the blipsnip window and click submit.
  4. Blipsnips instructs user how to "play it" and "tag it".
  5. Save the blipsnips to your "favorites".

This is a great website to save your "favorites" and access them from any computer. Also, delicious.com can be used to save blipsnips.
  1. Create a delicious.com account by going to "Join Now".
  2. In the "tag" section, type a subject of interest.
  3. Select a website and press the save icon.
  4. Choose an appropriate tag label for each website for easy recall.
  5. Continue to search tag and/or websites to add to your delicious.com account.

Ever wanted to condense a particular url address? Refer to the tutorial video found under "resources".

Google Docs:

Provides an effective way to collaborate, create, and share online docs, presentations, spreadsheets, evaluations, etc. 



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