The Killers

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Keuning was born in Iowa City, Iowa and raised in nearby Pella, Iowa before leaving to Las Vegas. Dave Keuning started to play guitar just before entering Pella Community High School where he played in the jazz band under the direction of Dick Redman. He went to Community College in Iowa and dropped out of his music major there before moving to Las Vegas to find work. He found work at the Banana Republic store in The Venetian Hotel and casino.
Dave has one son, Kyler Keuning who was born in 2005. Dave currently spends his time between his homes in San Diego and Las Vegas.

The band began when Keuning placed an ad in the Las Vegas Weekly which read: "Seeking musicians for all original band. Influences: Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, Bowie, Radiohead."Shortly, Brandon Flowers answered the ad and the two began practicing and writing together only to be joined by the other two band members. Their first demos included the hit "Mr. Brightside" which Keuning wrote the guitar to before meeting Brandon Flowers.

Dave Keuning is quoted as saying, ďTo this day, Angus Young is my favorite guitarist,Ē ...ďHe plays the guitar to the max, you know? But itís funny: thatís just not me. My fingers just donít move like that. Consequently, my mind doesnít think like that when Iím playing with the Killers. I probably think more like the Edge; I think of sounds and moods more than I think of figures and patterns. And it seems to work for the Killers, so, you know, why mess with it?Ē

He is noted as a guitarist for playing anthemic and soaring solos in addition to sweetened and often percussive style playing frequently compared to contemporaries The Edge and Johnny Marr. Dave is also noted for his "unusual voicings" and "digit-distending, string-skipping" finger work on the guitar in similar fashion of Andy Summers of The Police.

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