Maritime - Has Your Ship Come In?

GIS Activity (Geographical Information Systems)


                                                                                      What is GIS? 

1.  Enhance your knowledge about GIS and how it is used in the real world by viewing the power point presentation on this link.

2.  Use the World Port Source website to locate ports and answer the questions on the World Port Source Activity Worksheet.  You will need to click on the port icons to reveal information about each of the ports.  Toggle between Map and Satellite images to compare different types of maps.

                                                       (Resource attachment #1 and #2)   

                Ports from other countries may be viewed by clicking on the country list located on the left side of the page

3.  Use the USGS GIS website activity to explore oil consumption, production and reserves. 
                                                          (Resource attachment #3)







Web Link
  • World Port Source
    Description: Use the map and key (scroll down on page) to determine the various ports and size.

Web Link

  • GIS Port Map Activity
    Description: Using the World Port Source link above, answer the following questions. (print out one copy per group)

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