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Petr Davydtchenko - Public Poster Project: BREAK THE PATTERN TO CREATE A NEW ONE (Poster in urban street)

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge. Which is the negative pattern you are going to break this week? And can you think of a positive pattern to create this week? This is something you need to do if you want to create a new world of possibilities.

You and your group will be experts in artistic interventions. Then you will have to research, plan, design, and create a common proposal focusing on the connection between art and words. 

The steps of this project are labeled from 1 to 10 according to the process’ order. You can print out the directions attached in pdf at the bottom of this page.

1. Organization: Creation of groups.

2. Investigation: Data collection and analysis of information from a variety of sources with a particular purpose. You will be assigned with different roles and tasks within the group, as: president or vowel (in charge of the investigation of the place or environment), digital resources manager (photo, video, software), and distribution and material resources manager.

3. Plan:
Brainstorming. You will learn to express your own personal opinion, sharing your ideas with the group and reaching a common agreement.

4. Design: Think about the way your group will make the urban intervention. Students must choose a public space and describe in detail the place they are going to work in.  

5. Project schedule: Step-by step plan. Select the strongest idea and start to give it a shape. Also, you should attach reflections about the whole process, from the first ideas to the finished work. Then, you must conclude the details (e.g. color, stick…etc) and begin to collect the necessary materials you are going to use.

6. Creation: Elaboration of the artwork, implementing the knowledge and understanding the topic.

7. Documentation: Take digital pictures or record a video, according to the project requirements. 

8. Publication:
Ability to upload your group project to a blog, Facebook or YouTube... etc. (optional).

9. Presentation: Group oral presentation of the project, which will not exceed 10 minutes. For this you can use the material uploaded to the network (photos or videos) or make a PowerPoint presentation -which will not exceed of 12 slides-. In this case, you can bring the material to the class in a pen drive.

10. Evaluation: group’s evaluation following the agreed parameters and criteria.


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