Middle School Internet Safety



Using only the links provided next to each question, you will need to answer the following questions (you should type your answers into a new document using Google Docs. Be sure to number your answers):


  1. What is cyberbullying? What problems can cyber bullying cause? Cyberbullying
  2. From the strategies given from this website, which one do you think is the most effective way to deal with a cyberbully? Why did you choose that strategy?  Cyberbullying Prevention
  3. How can I keep my password safe? What is a reason for keeping your password safe and secure? Password Safety
  4. Find three examples of things that you should not share with people online and then identify the most important. Give 2 reasons why you should never share this piece of information with people online. Safe Surfing (Note: make sure you look at all of the pages on this link before coming up with an answer)
  5. Identify three rules for using the Internet Safely.  Highlight the rule that is most important and explain why your group thinks it is the most important.   Rules for Kids
  6. What is a social networking website? How can a social network provide positive social interactions?  Social Networks (If that link doesn't work, try this one--> Social Networks)
  7. Create a pledge to your parents of your willingness to use the Internet appropriately. Your pledge should identify at least 3 safety tips that you learned while conducting your research.


Using your answers, your groups will create a presentation using either Keynote or iMovie to persuade the parents that the internet can be used safely!

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