The Marketing Mix




You will be required to examine the three products listed below.

  1. JustSLide Smart phone
  2. DollPal 3W 
  3. New Lightening Speed Modem

Each of you will be placed in a group of four. Your group will be assigned a product and each of you will play a specific role in the group in order to ensure that your presentation flows smoothly. The different roles are outlined below according to the four Ps of marketing (product, price, place, promotion):

Product Analyst: Your role will be to describe the image you want the products to have, how the product will be packaged, and identify the segment of the market you intend to target.

Pricing Specialist: Your role will involve analysing the market in relation to the prices of similar products and formulating a competitive pricing structure to penetrate the market. 

Distribution Specialist: Your functions will be to determine effective distribution channels; providing reasons for your selection. 

Public Relations Specialist: You will be required to identify the specific information customers need, the most effective form of communication for the product being advertised, such as exhibitions, sales promotions, personal selling, etc. You should also provide an explanaton for the use of each of these.


Use the following websites to assist you in completing your worksheet on your product:

 Click here for information on the marketing mix!

Click here to learn about target marketing!

Click here to stimulate your mind with some cool packaging ideas!

Click here for more packaging ideas!

Click here to learn about pricing strategy! 

You will each go up one group at a time and make your presentation.

Great job!!!


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