Comparing energy resources; renewable and non-renewable resources



1.  Preview the "Comparing Energy Resources" organizer, and ask for clarification if you are unsure of any terms used on the organizer.  
2.  All sections of the organizer are to be completed.  You will do this by accessing all recommended websites on this WebQuest.  The resources you will research are:  Water, Biomass, Geothermal, Nuclear, Solar, Wind, and Coal.  For each resource you will locate the following information:  How the resource is used to produce electricity, pros and cons, and interesting facts, figures, and the future of the resource.
3.  It is suggested that you preview all websites, as some may present more detailed information/or may present information in such a way that you can better understand the information being provided.
4.  Record all information as you locate it on the websites.
5.  When you have completed the organizer show this to your teacher so they can assure that all information has been completed.
6.  When your teacher gives you the 'OK', take our a piece of notebook paper and visit the Frederick County MD Office of Economic Development at http:www.discoverfrederickmd. com.  Go to Site Selections and double click Demographics, visit each site.  Return to the home screen, locate Industry Focus and double click Renewable/Sustainable Industries.  Document incentives, tax breaks, and other benefits offered by the county for using renewable resources.
7.  Use the data you collected on the organizer and your list of incentives and write your ECR (letter to the company) with your recommendations and discussion of incentives.  Be sure to use supporting details to make your argument stronger and more convincing.




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