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Life Skills Unit: Conflict Management

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Process Process

Activity #1.  Play Video 1(Conflict) and Video 2(Conflict resolution) located in the resource section below.

Discuss among your group members the following questions:
 1. What did you observe?
  2. Have you been in similar situations?
 3. How can conflict affect relationships?
 4. Why is it important to work out or resolve conflict in your daily lives?
 5. Who is responsible for resolving the conflict?

Activity #2. (25 minutes) Group Discussion Arrange seats so everyone can see each other. Each member will share a personal experience about conflict using the following questions led by the group leader.

  What is an example of conflict affecting a relationship in your life?
  What caused the conflict?
  What (if anything) resolved the conflict?

Activity #3. (30 minutes) Small Group Activity-Puzzle Activity


1. Each group will be provided a subject to provide a short briefing. Resources to support this activity may be found on the web or using the student text resource provided below. Create a short briefing using powerpoint, www.Sliderocket.com, or http://prezi.com on the following:

     a. What is conflict?
     b. How can conflict impact relationships?
     c. What are the four basic causes of conflict?
     d. What are the five different types of conflicts?

2.  Student performance will be evalutated using the following rubrics:
     1. The small group assessment rubric.
     2. The provide a briefing assessment rubric.

Activity #4. (20 minutes) Communication Activity

1. Search for and define:
    a. What is an I statement?
    b. Why is it important to provide focus on your actions rather than placing blame or arguing with others?

2. Provide an example of an I statement used in a situation shared previously with your group.

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