Infectious Disease Education


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Day 1:

Who is affected by your disease?
  • Indicate the low- and middle-income countries that are most affected by your disease.  Where is your pathogen most likely to be found in the world?
  • Describe the most common victim.  Who usually gets the disease?  Are they children, adults or some other group of people?
  • Find an image of a person with the disease.  How hard is the disease to detect?

Day 2:

What causes your disease and how is it spread?
  • The name of your disease and the cause.  Is the specific pathogen a bacteria, a virus or a protist?  What is the scientific name of the disease (a virus might not have a scientific name)?
  • An image of the pathogen under a microscope as well as a description of what it looks like.  How is it different from other bacteria, viruses or protists?
  • Explain how your disease is transmitted from person to person.  Is there a vector or secondary (intermediate) host for this disease?  Is it easily passed from person to person?

Day 3:

How is your disease recognized and treated?
  • List the symptoms and long term effects of someone with the disease.  How long do symptoms last and how long do they take to show up in the victim?
  • Explain the most effective treatment for the disease.
  • Include a graph on your disease.  The graph can be any type of data you were able to find.  Examples could include a graph comparing death rates.  You must make your own graph on graph paper or in Excel from data that you collected in your research.  Please see me for graph     paper.


Day 4:

Which body systems are most affected by this disease?

  • Explain which systems are involved in transmission.
  • Describe how the symptoms show themselves and which systems are affected.
  • Explain the effects of treatment and the possible side affects.

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