Bear's Daytrip to London



OK, let's go! Click here to answer these Introduction questions:

  1. How many Churches have been built on the site of St Paul's Cathedral?
  2. What are the Houses of Parliament also known as?
  3. When was London Bridge constructed?

Next, go to this site to answer questions about the following famous landmarks:

Buckingham Palace

  1. What is 'The Official Principal Residence of the British Monarch', in other words the London home of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh?
  2. When does the Royal Standard fly from the mast?
  3. What months are the Palace State Rooms open to the public?


The London Eye

  1. How high is the World's largest observation wheel?
  2. How many people does one capsule of the London Eye hold?


Trafalgar Square

  1. Where is Nelson's Column?
  2. After what was Trafalgar Square named?


Big Ben

  1. When does a light in the clock tower burn above Big Ben?
  2. How high is the clock tower of big Ben?


Tower Bridge

  1. When was Tower Bridge opened?
  2. How high is Tower Bridge above the Thames?


Picadilly Circus

  1. What is the statue at Picadilly Circus made from?


Next, go here to see a map of the London Underground! The London Underground, or the 'tube', has THIRTEEN different lines! Can you work out:

  1. Which line did Bear travel on?


Finally, write down on your handout the SIX places you think Bear visited on his daytrip to london. You have seen some of them already, there are more clues on the next pages of the WebQuest!

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