How Persuasive Can You Be?


In this web quest, you will be working to research a children's charity and determine which interests you the most. Select one that you want to learn more about and one that you could argue about in a Persuasive Research Essay.  It is your mission to create an essay that will persuade the judges to select your charity to award funds to.

Use the internet info linked below to answer basic questions about the charities.
Questions to consider:
1) When was charity established?
2) What is the charity recognized for?
3) What is the charity's purpose?
4) How much money is raised annually for this charity?
5) How much of the money raised actually goes to the charity as opposed to administrative fees?
6) The number of children affected by the disease or problem.
7) The number of children assisted through this charity.
8) Where are their local headquarters?
9) How many volunteers are involved?
10) What is the goal of the charity?
All Websites for each charity as well a list of charities is attached below.

After analyzing the information, select the foundation/charity that you feel is most interesting.  The selection should be one that you feel passionate about.
See the charity links below for easy access!

You must use the information obtained to persuade your teachers that your charity should be selected and awarded with the proceeds of the HANDS FOR HOPE 5K for Charity Run.
See the link below for tips on writing a persuasive essay.

You must use an Introduction, Body, Conclusion format for your Persuasive Essay.  You should give 3 solid reasons as to why your selected charity should be chosen.

Introduction=Introduce charity and background information.  Grabbing introduction.
Body 1-Reason 1
Body 2-Reason 2
Body 3-Reason 3
Conclusion-wrap up and restate.  End with a bang!

Be creative, you want your essay to stand out...argue your points...let us hear your voice!

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