Health, Fitness, and wellness



1) For this project you will be assigned a parnter to help in deciding what steps you will choose to improve upon each category (health, fitness, and wellness).  You may choose your own partners as you will be working together to keep eachother motivated throughout the two weeks that you will be following your own advice. 

2) Follow the links i have provided to answer the questions that pertain to each category.  There are many articles in each link that will provide you with more than enough information to answer each question and provide you with a good understanding of each category.  I expect these answers to be supported with what you have learned.  I need to know why you answered this way.

3) Choose five things for each category that you would do to maintain or improve the status of each.  You may already do some of these, but keep in mind that we are not perfect, and there has to be something different that you can do to improve the quality of life.  Again, tell me WHY.  Support these just as you did before.  Do not simply state an opinoin and leave it at that.

4)  For two weeks after deciding what you will do to improve or maintain status in each category, you will then follow your own advice.  Try to do all of the things you chose to improve each category regularly.  You will keep a journal of what you have done throughout each week and how regular you were with your activities.  You don't have to record everything you eat or do, but try to keep track of the times when you didn't take your own advice.

5) When you are finished with the two weeks of following your own advise, you and your partner will write a one to two page reflectie essay that outlines what you recommended, how well you managed to follow your own advise, and how different or not different you felt at the end of this project.

Below are the questions you must answer with the links provided:


- What exactly is health?

- What factors contribute to health?

- What are some main causes or poor health?



- What makes a person fit?

- Who is defined as unfit?

- Does everyone have to do the same things to be considered fit?



- What classifies a person as "well?"

- Are there any particular things that deem somone as "not well?"  If so what are they?

- Are there any things that could both improve and negate wellness if used in he right or wrong ways?  Provide examples.


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