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1. The first step to creating a science fair project is to develop a "testable" QUESTION. Remember, the best experimental question asks, "How does _____ affect _____?" Some websites that can help you come up with ideas include:

2. After deciding on a question for your experiment, you will need to RESEARCH the topic to form your HYPOTHESIS and find ways to test it (PROCEDURE). Some websites that provide helpful information on topics in science include: 3. Work Cited page - List your sources from your research in alphabetical order by the author's last name. This page should be in MLA format (look in your language arts books). You can find examples of how to write your sources on these websites:

Print out or copy pages from your research and attach them to your paper.


    This report should be 250 words minimum.


    PROCEDURE ARE DUE Oct. 23!!!!

4. Once you have your question in mind, it's time to perform the experiment. Your test should last no more than a week or so, so make sure you design the experiment so that it doesn't last more than a few days. Keep ACCURATE details of all data before, during, and after the test. 


5. Once your experiment is completed, write a report on your experiment. The report should include the following sections:

  • Question
  • Hypothesis
  • Research
  • Procedure 
  • Results - Give the results from your experiment. You may want to put any data in a chart or graph.
  • Conclusion - Was your hypothesis right or wrong? WHY was it right/wrong?


6. After you complete your paper, organize your data onto a tri-fold board for your presentation. Make sure your board includes the following:

  • Title and name
  • Problem/question
  • Hypothesis
  • Materials
  • Procedure
  • Data/Results
  • Conclusion 

(HINT: These are the steps of the Scientific Method!!)

You can view tips and an example of a presentation here: http://school.discoveryeducation.com/sciencefaircentral/elmers/displaytips.html

      DISPLAY IS DUE Dec. 4!!!!


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