The Civil Rights Movement



Answer the questions under each task, keeping in mind this information will need to be put in a brochure to teach your classmates. Be sure to make it interesting!


Task #1: Martin Luther King Jr.

1. Who was he?

2. What was his significance in the Civil Rights Movement?

3. What are three (3) interesting facts about him?

4. Describe his style of protest.

5. Why was this style of protest important?


Task #2: Rosa Parks

1. Who was she?

2. What did she do?

3. What did her actions mean for the Civil Rights Movement?

4. What do you think she did for African Americans?


Task #3: Protests

1. What is a protest?

2. How were they used during the Civil Rights Movement?

3. What were different forms of protest?

4. How did protests further the cause of the Movement?



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