"A Modest Proposal" - Katie Tilley

Standards and Objectives

Student Objective:

Upon reading Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" students will compose a Presidential speech to present in front of the class. Students will demonstrate an understanding of proper qualities that should be found in a formal speech, as well as an understanding of satire through this characteristic in their own speeches.

North Carolina Standards:

3.01 Research and define issues of public concern by:
    using a variety of resources such as the media center, on-line resources, interviews, and personal reflection.
    specifying the nature of an issue, including the various claims made and the reasoning that supports these claims.
3.02 Organize and deliver an argument so that an intended audience respects it by:
    wording the claim clearly.
    specifying reasons in support of the claim that are likely to be convincing.
5.01 Explore British literature by:
    recognizing common themes that run through works, using evidence from the texts to substantiate ideas.
    relating the cultural and historical contexts to the literature and identifying perceived ambiguities, prejudices, and complexities.
    making associations between historical and current viewpoints.
    understanding how literary movements influence writers.
5.02 Extend engagement with selected works of British literature by:
    observing how the imaginative experience of literature broadens and enriches real life.
    relating style, meaning, and genre (including fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry).
    applying literary, grammatical, and rhetorical terms of literature.
    demonstrating in various print and non-print media the significance of works.
    discerning the effect of interpreting literature from various critical perspectives.

Technology Standards:

3.01 Use word processing and/or desktop publishing for a variety of writing assignments/projects.

3.02 Use electronic resources for research.
3.04 Use technological tools for class assignments, projects, and presentations.

3.05 Adhere to Fair Use and Multimedia Copyright Guidelines, citing sources of copyrighted materials in papers, projects, and multimedia presentations.

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