Intro Self Portrait--Mr. Huff

Self Portrait Sketch


Step Four--View Both video's on drawing faces.  The video on the first link begins with adding guide lines to help arrange your facial features.  Try this on at least two of your sketches.  You may find it to be very helpful.  Before you make any marks, look at your face in the mirror.  If you are making reference marks, imagine a circular shape starting at the top of your head.  The bottom edge of the circle goes under your nose. Draw this round shape on your page.   The shape below the circle should be like an outline of your face from the middle of one ear the the middle of the other ear.  This shape mainly describes your jaw line.  Begin adding features starting with your eyes near the bottom of the first circular shape.    Complete 5 ten minute sketches including all facial features and accurate shading.  Be sure to also indicate where your hair should be. These sketches should have very dark values, mid values and lights.  The second video link shows another way of starting a sketch using very few lines and no real outlines.  While this video is a good example of how to place features by starting with the left eye and finding the values around the eyes, it would be better if the face had more value changes especially under the eye on the right side of the screen.  The values in your sketch need to be developed most like those in the first video. 

Be sure to review the rubric and when these 5 ten minute sketches are complete, move on to step 5.

This portrait and all of the sketches are due before the end of class on November 24th.  If you complete one step each day, you will begin your final portrait on Friday November 19th.  This will give you four class days to complete your finished self portrait.


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