Intro Self Portrait--Mr. Huff



Step Three--View the video on drawing realistic eyes.  You will still need a mirror for this step.  Study your eyes in the mirror.  What is the shape created by the edge of the top eyelid and the bottom eyelid?   Sketch both eyes eight times.  Remember to observe closely the shape of your eyes.  There will be no circle or oval shaped eyes in your mirror.  Your eyes have a unique shape and that should be evident in your drawings.  Add dark values and adjust the lightest values.  This will transform the shapes into forms.  Your eyes and eyelids are not flat shapes.  Adding value changes where you observe them to be in the mirror.  Include your eyebrows and the bridge of your nose.  Eyelashes should reflect what you are observing in the mirror and not what you think they look like.

This portrait and all of the sketches are due before the end of class on November 24th.  If you complete one step each day, you will begin your final portrait on Friday November 19th.  This will give you four class days to complete your finished self portrait.


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