Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Step 5


Historical Context:

The Great Depression was a pivotal time period in United States history. Many people lost their jobs and lost their homes. Some parents put their children in orphanages because they weren't able to give them food or a bed. Many people went hungry and even starved to death. 

The United States government provided food lines, and many people who could help those in need, did. For many it was a dark time, and the fear of losing everything stayed with them for many years after the Depression ended. 

Follow the links at the bottom of the page in the resources section to answer the question. You can also do additional research if you choose to.

What was depressed in The Great Depression? Why was life so difficult for most Americans?

Click on the links below, including watching the movie. Answer two more questions on your worksheet. 

1. What surprises you about the information you learn? 
2. What do you think would have been the hardest aspect of living during this time period?


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