Let's Review Earth


Before we begin anything with the seasons, let us take a step back and review some Earth information. Use the links below to answer the questions on your worksheet. Explore and rediscover our Earth.


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  • Earth Spin at Equinox
    Description: Interactive view of the Earth at equinox and how the Earth spinning affects day/night.

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  • Earth Rotation Around Sun
    Description: use this activity to see how many hours, days, and months to take the earth around the sun.

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Description: Day and Night around the world
Video on Earth's Rotation

Description: Length of a Day, Length of a Year
Earth Speed

Description: Only need to watch the first 2 minutes.

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  • World Time Zones
    Description: Look at how this shows the current time here in Michigan, and where the sun is currently shining in the world.Move your mouse across the different time zones to see the differences in time.

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