Ancient Egypt

Process 3


Task #3

Essential Question:  What information do I need to develop my understanding of the topic I have selected?

1. Assuming the role of researcher, select the topic relating to Ancient Egypt that interests you the most:

  • Gods and goddesses
  • Pyramids
  • Mummification
  • Pharaohs
  • Egyptian Art
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Another topic of interest discussed with and approved by teacher

2. Explore the subject using books, websites, and articles.  See resources listed below.

3.  Read, keep a record of your sources, and take notes on the information gathered   using the research grid.  Look in your Introduction to Ancient Egypt booklet for the Research Project grid and the project rubric.

4. Write a draft of your research report.

5.  Publish your information as a children's book,  a magazine article, a poster, a brochure, or a Power Point presentation.


http://www.guardians.net/egypt/index.html  (Information on all topics)

http://egypt.mrdonn.org/afterlife.html  (Information on mummification and pyramids)

http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Homework/egypt/clothes.htm (Egyptian clothing)

http://www.eyelid.co.uk/pyr-temp.htm  (Information on pyramids and temples)

http://www.kidspast.com/world-history/0032-egyptian-pyrimids.php  (Pyramids)



http://www.carlos.emory.edu/ODYSSEY/EGYPT/daily.html  (Daily life/clothing)

http://www.carlos.emory.edu/ODYSSEY/EGYPT/d&b.html   (Mummification)

http://www.salariya.com/web_books/mummy/  (Interactive book on mummification process)

Additional resources to use:


Life After Death
Life and Death in Egypt
The Great Pyramid
Inside the Great Pyramid
The Pyramids
The Weighing of the Heart
Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Pyramids by David MacAulay
Mummies Made in Egypt by Aliki


Web Link

Web Link

Web Link

Web Link
  • Afterlife
    Description: Information on mummification and pyramids

Web Link

  • File
    Description: Reaearch Grid to record sources and interesting facts

Web Link
  • Website
    Description: Interactive book on mummification process

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