Ancient Egypt

Process 2


Task #2

Essential Question:  How was the meaning of hieroglyphics discovered?

For this task, you will assume the role of a linguist and learn about the Egyptian form of writing.Click on these websites to learn about hieroglyphics:



Don't  miss this interactive website:

Additonal resources:
Know the Code
Written Language
Hieroglyph Alphabet Chart

1.  Write five interesting facts about hieroglyphics.

2.  Over the years, the meaning of hieroglyphs was lost.  Write a paragraph explaining how and where the mystery of hieroglyphics was solved.  Be sure to include the name of the piece of evidence that solved the mystery.

3.  Create your own cartouche.  You can do this by cutting and copying from the Hieroglyphs workbook or returning to the interactive website listed above. 

4.   Now assume the role of a mathematician and look over the information on the Egyptian number system  (A Taxing Time)and solve the problems (Tax Time)  found in Introduction to Ancient Egypt.

Just for fun, read more about the Egyptian number system and try the problems at this website:

or solve an interactive hieroglyphs puzzle at this website:



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    Description: Mystery of hieroglyphs solved

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    Description: Interesting facts about hieroglyphics

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    Description: Egyptian Number System and link to problems to solve

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    Description: Interactive website with facts on hieroglyphics and a page to print your name.

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