Gold Rush Scavenger Hunt


Read the questions and letter. Figure out what vocabulary word can be used instead of the underlined word. When you figure out what the vocabulary words are, you may begin your scavenger hunt! Good Luck)

Main Question: Can you identify and name people, places, and things related to the California Gold Rush?

What is a Route?

What town, city and/or state is related to the Gold Rush in the west?

Who are some important or well know people in the Gold Rush? How are they important?

What are the tools used during the Gold Rush?

How were they used?

What does it mean to "Stake Your Claim"?

What items do you need to Stake Your Claim?

What types of animals were used during the Gold Rush era and what were they used for?

What is the difference between a Stage Coach and a Wagon? What was the purpose of a Stage Coach?

Who were Wells and Fargo?

 Howdy Partner!

It is Jeffrey here, all the way across America searching for more GOLD! The way I took from our state to this state. It was a rough ride. Do not take any short cuts! The strong animals pulling the wooden thing I rode in, was rough and rickety. I passed this enclosed thing (that said Something and Something on the side) carrying people on it. I think there was money inside and mail because all of a sudden a scary guy on a horse named B. Bart stopped it and took the money bags and the mail! Who would do a thing like that?

I carried a tool that not only scoops dirt but can be used as protection if anyone tries to take my belongings. I met the first guy who found the mineral around the gold. He was nice but his hair was real white. He said he never said a word to anyone except one guy. The two guys told no one and kept the secret about the gold for weeks. One of the workers saw the two gentlemen with gold and the secret was out. “GOLD”!

When I got to Sackatomatoes, I had to mark my spot to live by putting all my stuff in one section. I had to find a place to buy something to put in my water to make it black and have some taste. Yummy!  Then I realized, it would help to have a thingy to get water warm over a fire. Cold coffee is not that good.

I started out looking for gold with this black dish but it made my back hurt. Then I tried a tool that had a point on one end anda flat part on the other. It was a good tool until it slipped off the wooden handle and flew over the side of the mountain. “Good bye tool”! It was heavy and dangerous! I heard this guy next to my shelter say he used a wooden thing that goes back and forth like a rocking chair tool. The guy sat around all day rocking the box like a baby. I don’t have a baby so I didn’t want to try it.

I went up to where Sutter's Mill is at the place where there are a lot of miners and you can buy shovels to get some ideas on tools. When I got there, I saw this tool that was cool! It looked like a wooden trench that had ridges in it and there was a stream at the top and bottom of it! There were guys lined up looking in it. I tried to say hello to the nice fellas but they ran me out saying it was not my territory.  Some people are nice and some are not.

Yesterday, I was talking to a man that had a dream about a tool that might be made and used for mining. He was so excited about it! He said it had a hose and water came out real fast to break loose big rocks from a mountain. That is crazy talk I think but you never know what the future holds. I am holding some gold right now in my hand while I write you this letter! Tomorrow I am going to take the gold and buy an animal with big ears and is slow but will carry all my tools to look for gold.  I will name the animal buddy because he will be a good buddy to me.

I hope you come to strike it rich! It is a little dusty and there is the nice big river named after our country to bathe in, but at least we can look for gold together. See you someday soon! Safe travels.

Looking for Gold everyday,

Jeffrey the 49er!

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