Our Blue Planet


As you fly over Antarctica to observe solid and liquid water features, you will show where certain water features are your map and write observations too. Let's go!


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  • Ice Streams on Antarctica
    Description: Your computers have stored solid water data about the South Pole. Observe how the ice streams flow. Show the direction that some of these ice streams flow on your Antarctica map.

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  • Physical Map of Antartica
    Description: Find the Ronne and Ross Ice Shelves and the Transarctic Mountains. Then draw and label these on your map.

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  • Ice Sheets and Ice Shelves
    Description: Erzarians do not have solid water on their planet.Read about Antarctica's Ice Sheets and Shelves. Then make a flash card for each term, with a picture on the front and definition on the back. The flashcards are in your file.

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  • Google Map
    Description: You have tapped into one of the Earthlings map systems. Click on this link and type in one of the water features you have discovered in Antarctica.

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