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As you fly over South America to observe solid and liquid water features, you will show where certain water features are your map and write observations too. Let's go!


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  • Glaciers in South America
    Description: As you near South American you will see the Andes Mountains, where there many glaciers. Click on the images of the glaciers to see what they look like. Then describe what you see at each end of the glacier.

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  • Rivers of South America
    Description: Use the map to locate some of the major rivers you will fly over. Then draw and label at least 3 rivers on your South America map.

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  • Amazon River Delta
    Description: Looking out the window you see the Amazon River delta. A river delta is where a river connects with the ocean. Describe the delta. What does the ocean look like around the delta?

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  • Lakes of South America
    Description: Look at the lake images at the top of the screen. Then look at the lake images and discuss with your team some of the land formations that may be found around a lake.

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  • South America Map
    Description: In case you get lost this map may help you find land and water features.

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  • Google Map
    Description: You have tapped into one of the Earthlings map systems. Click on this link and type in one of the water features you have discovered in South America.

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