Our Blue Planet


To prepare for your mission, you will need to learn 3 surface water features: river, lake and glacier

Each team member will make one flashcard.

Decide who will make the flashcard for 
river, lake or glacier.

 - On one side of the flashcard you will describe the water feature and its land features. On the other side you will paste images that support your descriptions.

    1. Read the definition for the water feature, then write a definition in your own words. 

- Look at the 4 images to help you write about your water feature.

    2. Describe what the water feature looks like. Shape? Solid? Liquid? Color?


    3. Describe the land around the water feature.

- Find images to copy and paste into a word document. Later you will place these images on the other side of your flashcard. 


River Image 1
Description: A river is a natural flowing waterway, usually freshwater, flowing downhill towards an ocean, a lake, a sea, or another river.

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Glacier Image 1
Description: A large mass of ice formed over many, many years that does not completely melt during the summer. Glaciers move slowly over an area of land.

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Lake Image 1
Description: Lakes form when water finds its way into a basin (a basin is a lower area of land, like a swimming pool). Lakes must have a constant source of new water, otherwise the lake will slowly dry up.

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