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For thisUnit of enquiry the students will be preparing a Social Science Projectconcerned with how mankind’s actions can affect their surroundings.

Students will work in groups to investigate and create a presentation on the subject they have been allocated. This will involve organization, group work,investigation and presentation. Finally the groups will present their work to the remainder of the sixth form.

The work produced will be evaluated in the following way:

Group Organization




Non-verbal communication skills

Has the group worked easily together and achieved the set objectives within the given time frame.


Is the Power Point dynamic?


Easy to read?

Are the pictures or diagrams relevant to the information being presented at any given time?

Does the information contained in the presentation give a clear explanation of the issue and the consequences it has on the environment.  Does the group offer a conclusion and/or suggestion of ways in which any problems might be resolved?

Does the group have a good understanding of their subject and the individual scripts?

Have the contents been well learned and communicated?

Is the group physically well-coordinated throughout the presentation?

Were there good eye contact and body language   skills?

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