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Adolescence Project
Description: During this Unit of Enquiry your project will be about adolescents around the world and how they live. This will be a group project with a final presentation in Power Point in which all members of the group must present orally, in English. Each project should be organized so that every person in the group is responsible for the work equally, including the oral presentation. Each group will be given the name of a place, and each group will have to investigate/to find out how teenagers/adolescents live in that place. Where to begin?? First of all ask yourselves questions like: What is the typical day for a teenager like in this place? What do they do in their free time? What customs or traditions do they have? What clothes do they wear? Where do they go with their friends? etc.....and then ask WHY??? For each one of your questions. Find out curiosities and interesting information that will be new for the people who are watching your presentation. Include anecdotes and examples. Compare the lives of the adolescents you are investigating to the way in which you live here in Spain….Pay attention to the quality of your visual presentation too. Make sure you have cited your references (where did you get the information from??? Include the web addresses or other sources on the final page of your power point). The organization of the group: Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the group and then delegate the different tasks like: the research to find the information to answer your questions, looking for relevant images, creating the power point presentation, correcting and editing the texts etc. The language used in this presentation must NOT simply be cut and paste from a web site. It must be vocabulary that is easy to understand for a sixth year English student. Always remember who you are presenting to. Practice, practice, practice: Next, individually and as a whole group you must practice your presentation orally, considering who is going to say what, how it will be said, and in what order. Think about how and where you will stand to speak and consider the following points: Your body language, your eye contact and your voice intonation. Each person must learn their part of the presentation by memory as SCRIPTS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED for the final class presentation. All of the previously mentioned criteria will be evaluated for your final project mark. The following points will also be evaluated: Content, effort, interest, collaboration and attitude. You may find some of the links on the English Links page of the 6th year blog useful too. Good luck! I look forward to seeing all of your projects.

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