Unit 10: World War II


You will need HEADPHONES for STEP 2 of this Web Quest.

STEP 1: Go to Google Drive-->4th Quarter-->Unit 10--> CREATE a DOCUMENT and name it Rhineland.

Answer the following questions from this web quest in your Rhineland DOCUMENT.

On March 7, 1936 German troops marched into the Rhineland. This action was directly against the Treaty of Versailles which had laid out the terms which the defeated Germany had accepted. It was Hitlerís first illegal act in foreign relations since coming to power in 1933 and it threw the European allies, especially France and Britain, into confusion. What should they do about his actions?  These documents reveal the motives and attitudes of the British government as they discuss their options. They are all extracts from the minutes of the Cabinet meeting on 11 March 1936.  The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs was Anthony Eden, the Prime Minister was Stanley Baldwin.

STEP 2: LISTEN to PODCAST or READ this BACKGROUND Article (The same content)

STEP 3: Complete the following TASKS:

TASK 1        TASK 2         TASK 3        TASK 4        TASK 5     TASK 6


How did Britain decide to deal with Hitler's invasion of the Rhineland?


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