Unit 10: World War II


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Go to the site and register for this class.  

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Be sure you have done this before proceeding.

TASK: You will CREATE a WORLD WAR II Timeline of the MAJOR events we study.  
You will begin this timeline by including major events that are mentioned in the CRASH COURSE VIDEO.
After you create your initial timeline, you will then add to it new events that we study throughout the unit.
Each event should have a complete, correct, and concise summary attached to it as well as an IMAGE of that event.

Here is a good  example. (Score of 8)
Here is a proficient example. (Score of 5-6)
Here is a below proficient example. (Score of 2 or 3)


STEP 2- Open your 4th Quarter FOLDER.


STEP 4- Create a document inside the folder and name it CrashCourseWW2. (Take notes from the video here)

STEP 5- Create a TIME TOAST account. (Free) Use your GOOGLE EMAIL ADDRESS.  You will get a CONFIRMATION email that will finish the sign up process.

STEP 6Watch Crash Course World History- World War II  (use this version of the video, if EduCanon doesn't work).
Video Transcript           

STEP 7- Watch the video and answer the questions along the way and make a list of IMPORTANT things to include in YOUR TIMELINE of WORLD WAR II.  You must have a MINIMUM of 10 EVENTS (that would be an MYP score of 4 or an 80%).  To get the MYP score of 8 you would need to have 20 EVENTS on your TIMELINE with a complete, correct, and concise summary for each one w/ an image for each event.  If you just have the events, and summaries you can make no higher than a 6 on the Task.

STEP 8- Create* a timeline using TIMETOAST

TRY TO HAVE at LEAST 2 EVENTS on your TIMELINE at the end of class today.

*****TIMELINES will be DUE the same day of the SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT TASKS, you will not be able to turn in those tasks without the COMPLETION of this TIMELINE.  

*****You MAY use this TIMELINE as a replacement for TASK 1.  Regardless if you use it to replace TASK 1 for this UNIT, you MUST COMPLETE the TIMELINE to be able to turn in your UNIT 10 Tasks.

MR. BEAVERS' CLASSES; When you finish COPY & PASTE the URL Address for your TIMELINE in an EMAIL and send it to hikenandhistory@gmail.com.  Include your first and last NAME, and  class BLOCK in the TEXT of the EMAIL.

MR. TRUMP's CLASSES: Email to hhshistory1@gmail.com


Web Link
U.S. Homefront Part 1
The U.S. Homefront part 2

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