Unit 9: Between The Wars



STEP 1- In Google Drive  Open --> 3rd Quarter --> Unit 9 --> CREATE a DOCUMENT and name it Fascism 

STEP 2- Complete & Answer questions below in your  Fascism document on GOOGLE DRIVE.

How (3 major ways) and why did the Treaty of Versailles punish Germany? 

Germany was de-___________________, lost _____________________ and had to pay ________________.

What did France do when the Germans fell behind on their payments?

In what ways did Germany react to this?

What happened to German money in 1923?

Which party disagreed with the decisions made by new German Chancellor Stressemann?

Who led an attempt to overthrow the German government with the failed November uprising?

What happened as a result of the Dawes Plan?

What happened in 1926 that seemed to signal that things were back to "normal?"

Source 3: Article- Europe After World War I

What helped to produce a brief period of economic stability in Europe from 1924 to 1928?

What did American lenders do after the Stock Market Crash of 1929?

How many people were out of work in Germany by 1932?

What happened to German industrial output?

Source 4: Video- The Weimar Republic

How many Germans were wounded or killed in WWI?

Which best describes the state of Germany in 1918?

Who did Hitler blame for all of Germany's problems?

Which two groups did Hitler turn to for support?

Source 5: Article- The Rise of Dictators

What are the basic characteristics of fascism?

Who was the fascist military ruler that came to power in Italy?

What did this leader use to gain power?

What land did he want to attack and conquer?

How did the Fascist party rise to power in Germany?

What did Hitler use to support his anti-Semitic agenda?

What was Hitler's argument for invading and taking lands outside of Germany by force?

Which two places to Hitler first invade?

What were the two reasons that Japanese militarists said they needed to invade China?

Which Japanese military leader wanted closer ties with Germany and Italy?

What did Tojo want to take over?

What made Tojo a virtual dictator?

What did these three men have in common?

Big Idea/Question:How were the fascists dictators able to come to power?

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