Unit 6: Nationalism & Unification


BIG QUESTIONS:                                                                                                                                                                                   

What is Nationalism?

What are the critical attributes of Nationalism?

You will work with your GROUP on this activity. 

STEP 1- In Google Drive  Open --> 2nd Quarter --> Unit 6 --> CREATE a DOCUMENT and name it Nationalism

STEP 2- Complete the following in your Nationalism document on GOOGLE DRIVE.

                  As you read find SIMILARITIES between the examples.
                  The similarities will be the critical attributes of Nationalism. 
               (Include in your document)

STEP 4- Create a TABLE.  
                  It should have the EXAMPLES on the vertical axis and the ATTRIBUTES on the horizontal axis.
                  Test each of the examples against the critical attributes.  You may need to 
                  revise your list of critical attributes so that each example meets all the attributes listed.

STEP 5- BE PREPARED TO SHARE with the class the attributes you have identified from the examples.

STEP 6- COMPARE your list of attributes to that of Scholarly Definitions of Nationalism.

STEP 7- CLASS CONSENSUS of  Critical Attributes of Nationalism. 
             (Include in your document & table)

                  Use your TABLE to test the examples in this reading against the agreed-upon critical attributes.
                  As a group decide which is which and explain why each is, or is not, an example.

                  For the non-examples what changes would have to be made to make it an example?

STEP 10- CLASS CONSENSUS- CREATE a DEFINITION (Include in your document)

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