Unit 3: The Enlightenment



STEP 1: Everyone in the group should take a moment and look at  this Enlightenment Philosopher TIMELINE.  Think about what you already know that is on the timeline, and look for NEW information you don't already know.  

STEP 2Each person in the group should use a different color marker.  No two people in the group should use the same color.  This will help display the contribution of each member to this task.

STEP 3: Complete the PHILOSOPHERS of the ENLIGHTENMENT POSTER*.   Use the information from your study of this unit (any notes, or activities we have done) to help you complete EACH part of the POSTER.  If there is a philosopher that we have not dealt with directly in our class study, then assign someone to find the information for that person.  Be sure to also use the DIGITAL TEXTBOOK for this UNIT.  It will be helpful.

STEP 4: When your group has finished, take a photo of the poster and upload it to your UNIT 3 Folder.  Name it Philosopher Poster.

STEP 5: One person in the group should SHARE the poster with Mr. Beavers on GOOGLE DRIVE.  Include your Block and Group # when you share it with him at hikenandhistory@gmail.com

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