Unit 2: Absolutism


Annotated Illustrated Resume

A resume is a brief profile of an individual designed to showcase their experiences. Generally, resumes are considered part of the job application process because they provide potential employers of an individual's education,work experience, skills, awards/recognition, published works, and any other pertinent information. Resumes should be one or two pages and easy to peruse.In other words, information is listed in brief, bullet fact style with minimal use of sentences for clarification. Additionally, information is organized into categories with experiences listed in chronological order (from the most recent to the oldest), or from the most important to least important.

          After researching the assigned individual, create their Annotated (notes for clarification- these should be hand written), Illustrated (pictures that exemplify information, Resume (typed profile).

          You may add categories or alter titles as necessary and arrange them in the order you feel is most important.Generally education and work experience are the first  two categories and then the other fluctuates. Generally resumes put your best foot forward (see below)

          Incorporate at least three or four illustrations that enhance or exemplify the information included in the resume. They may be hand drawn or computer generated, but must have a direct connection to information in the resume.

Follow these DIRECTIONS as you create your RESUME.  Here is a LIST of MONARCHS from which to choose.

Download this COPY of a RESUME to use on this project.

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