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Identify FOUR instances where integers are used in your everyday life. Provide a solid explanation that demonstrates your understanding of how the integers are involved with the examples that you identify. You will not receive credit for explanations or examples that arecopied directly from a website. The explanations must include how BOTH POSITIVEAND NEGATIVE numbers are used (2 examples of each). Write these explanations below:

Integers and Everyday Life Websites

Math Forum: NegativeNumbers in the Real World

Math Forum: Integersin Daily Life

Math Forum:Subtracting Negative Numbers

Math Forum: UsingIntegers

 MathGoodies: Integers and the Real World

 Math Forum: Integersin Everyday Life

Integer Exploration

Examples ofIntegers Used in my Life:

Example 1: Positive  Integers

Example 2: Positive  Integers

Example 3: Negative Integers

Example 4: Negative Integers

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