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Use the websites on your webquest to answer these questions. You need to include an example with each of the explanations. Be sure to write the answers to the questions in your own words. Your explanation needs to include the math you do and how you determinethe sign of your answer. Make sure you use the correct math terminology in yourexplanations.

Positive and NegativeNumbers at Math League
Integers: Operationswith Signed Numbers
AAA Math:Multiplication with Integers
AAA Math: Dividing Integers
Learning Wave -Multiplying Integers
Math Guide:Operations on Integers

Questions to be researched:

1. How do you add two integers if they have the same sign? Make sure that youexplain how to determine the sumís sign.

2. How do you add two integers if they have different signs? Again, explain howto determine the sumís sign.

3. Explainhow you determine a difference when subtracting two integers.

4. Explain how youmultiply and divide integers. A chart is acceptable as part of your answer.

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