The Southwest Region


TASK #3: Often, travel agencies will use certain things to "hook" their customers and make them want to travel to a specific destination. The third tasks requires you to do the same! Regions are not only different because of the way they look and the people that live there; they are also unique because there are many different food products, recipes and music that belong to that specific area!

Each member of the group will be responsible for bringing something in that will be used in their presentation. This could include food products (for example a Potato from Idaho for the West) a recipe (for example Clam Chowder from Maine for the Northeast) or music (for example a cd with Country Music from Tennessee for the Southeast).

Bringing in a recipe is perfectly acceptable, but if anyone would like to give us an authentic experience and make their recipe to share with the class, that would be excellent!

In addition to bringing in a food product, recipe or music, if anyone has postcards or souvenirs from the states located in their region they may include that in their presentation as well.

This task is a great way for everyone to "visit" your region and will also be helpful while trying to persuade Mr. Washington to visit!

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