The Southwest Region


TASK #2:
Now that you have put together a great itinerary for Mr. Washington that will take him around some of the most fascinating spots in your region, it's time to really put together something that will catch his eye! The second task involves assembling a visual poster board that will highlight everything about your region. This board will be presented in front of Mr. Washington, so make sure that it is bright, eye-catching, creative and persuasive! You may paste things on the board, use any materials that are in the classroom, or that you have or bring. Make sure that everyone contributes to the board and that it is a team effort! Everyone will be participating in the presentation at the end of the project, so while you are putting together the board, discuss what each person might want to talk about when the Region is presented.

Here are the guidelines to follow for your poster:

1. I will provide each group with one poster.

2. The following categories MUST be included on your poster:
Your Region's name and a picture of the region
The states within the region and pictures of their state flags
Major Landforms
Major Rivers/Lakes/Oceans that are nearby
Popular Tourist Attractions
Unique/Interesting Facts about your Region
Culture (including Music and Food that is specific to your region)

Your group's list of sources (which websites you used to help you complete the board) taped to the back of the poster

In addition to the required categories above, you may choose what other things to put on your board to make it stand out.

3. There should be a variety of pictures on your board and they should be in color, if possible. There should be pictures for each different category listed above. There is no "set" amount of pictures that should be included on your board; you are the designers of your project, so it is up to you to decide what will look the best for your presentation.
Part of working with a travel agency means having the freedom to make creative decisions while putting together travel plans and presentations, so have fun with it!

Please look at the Rubric on the "Evaluation" page. This also provides a guideline for your poster board.

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