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To begin, each member of the team will take on a specific role, and will remain in that role for all three tasks. The roles will be:

The Manager; the manager's job is to keep everyone on task, to make sure that everything gets done in an appropriate amount of time and also to make sure that everyone is contributing fairly to the group work. The manager also helps to solve problems that might occur with the project or between group members.

The Clicker; the clicker's job is to stay in charge of the website browsing. He/She is the only one who can sit in front of the computer and click on the links to find all the information, but must take into consideration the suggestions of the groups members as where to go next and what to click on. The clicker also makes sure that everyone understands the information before moving on.

The Writer; the writer records all of the information during the group work. This includes the writing on all the state fact sheets, the itinerary and ideas for the poster board. This person should be someone who is motivated and who has neat handwriting!

The Artist; this person will be in charge of deciding which artwork goes along with the presentations and also collects the artwork/pictures from the group and arranges them in an attractive manner on the itinerary and the poster.

The Presenter; the presenter is in charge of putting together the presentation at the end of the project. This includes figuring out what is going to be said/done during the oral and visual presentations. The presenter is also in charge of displaying/playing the food and music that will be included in the presentations.

Now, figure out a name for your group- be creative!

Each specific role is very important, but remember, the most important part about being in a group is working together! Everyone has a role, but the group will not be successful unless every role takes their job seriously and helps each other out. While one person is assigned the "Artist" or the "Presenter," it is important to remember that everyone will be participating in all aspects of the project! Assigning jobs just helps to put one particular person in charge of specific tasks to make sure that everyone stays focused.

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