DBQ3.1: Storming The Bastille

"The mob came closer and the governor declared his willingness to capitulate [give up]... The streets and houses, even the roofs were filled with people abusing and cursing me.  Daggers, bayonets, pistols were constantly pointed at me.  I did not know how I would be killed but was sure my last hour had come.  Those who had no arms were throwing stones at me, the women wrenched their teeth and threatened me with their fists.  Two soldiers behind me had already been killed by the furious mob and I am convinced I could not have reached City hall had not one officer...escorted me."- Reports of the Taking of the Bastille, July 14, 1789, by One of Its Defenders" (1834) by Ludwig von der Fluhe (Swiss officer)

In this document, which words best indicate which side the author is on?

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