DBQ4: Reactions to Revolution


The trial and execution of King Louis XVI of France in 1793 shocked people around Europe.  Descriptions of the execution were printed by newspapers around the world, many of them clearly expressing their opinions of the revolutionaries who had overthrown Louis.  The following passage was printed in The Times, a London newspaper, on January 25, 1793.

The Republican tyrants of France have now carried their bloody purposes to the uttermost diabolical stretch of savage cruelty.  They have murdered their King without even the shadow of justice, and of course they cannot expect friendship nor [dealings] with any civilized part of the world.  The vengeance of Europe will now rapidly fall on them; and, in the process of time, make them the veriest wretches on the face of the earth.  The name of Frenchman will be considered as the appellation [name] of savage, and their presence will be shunned as a poison, deadly destructive to the peace and happiness of Mankind.

Document 3
a. What does the author predict will happen to France?
b. What words or phrases in this selection reveal the author's bias?  What impact do these words have?

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