1966: Mike Foley, Randy Shaffer, Jack Alverez, and Andy Cosby

1967:  Tom Dettmar, Jack Alvarez, and Andy Cosby

1968: Grant Bowie

1969: Charles Shahan, Harold Cannon, and Paul Miller

1970: Tom Bosely, and Rick Shaffer

1971: George Zimmerman and Rick Shaffer

1972: Nick Cuppola, Dave Stuck, Dave Upole, Ben Sincell, and Cris Nicol

1973: Dennis Skeweris and Craig Bosely

1974:  Kevin Liller and Ed Wolfe

1975:  Kevin Liller, Rick Walsh, Eric Wotring, John Rodeheaver, Alan Rohrbaugh, and Ed Panther

1976: Rod Bowers and Eric Cvetnick

1977: Steve Liller and Jim Clarke

1978: Paul Cornish, Frank Lewis, Jimmy Simms

1979:  Delbert Liller, Paul Cornish, Wayne Scott, Kevin Flanagan, Jeff Hinebaugh, and George Corliss

1980: Paul Cornish, Ron Bosely, Kevin Flanagan, Pat Rodeheaver, Jim Lyons, Mike Beard, and Wayne Scott

1981:  Ron Bosely, Andrew Orr, Dave Scott, Matt Scheffel, and Paul Harvey

1982: Ron Bosely, Tim Tharp, Don Deberry, Dave Terrant, Paul Harvey, and Jeff Beeman

1983:  Dave Terrant, Tim Tharp, JR Gibson, John Thayer, Dave MacLaughlin, Scott Germain, and Troy Lunquist

1984: JR Gibson, Bruce Bosely, Scott O'Neil, Scott Colaw, Steve Bennett, and Dave McLaughlin

1985: Bruce Bosely, and JR Bosely

1986:  JR Bosely, Gary Wotring, and Donnie Horner

1987: JR Bosely, Mike Bittinger, Zack Gibson, and Bobby Bernard

1988:  Zack Gibson, Jamie Colaw, John Milligan, and Brent Sanders

1989:  Jon Nazelrod, Marshall Pike, and John Stem 

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