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Step 1:OPEN & READ the RESOURCE below "Types of Resources".   What are the TYPES of Resources?  Make sure you know them.

Step 2: CREATE a DOCUMENT on Google Drive and name it RESOURCEnotes, and save in your RESOURCE folder.  

You will watch videos WITH THE CLASS dealing with different resources. As you watch TAKE NOTES ON THE VIDEO S using this DOCUMENT.

 Answer as many of the FOUR questions  as possible. 

(You may take notes on paper as you watch the videos, but you MUST put them into the GOOGLE DOCUMENT when you finish.)

1. What type of RESOURCE?

2. How is or can this be USED?

3. What are the advantages or disadvantages of this RESOURCE?

4. Where is this resource found?

Step 3: Take turns and with someone near you, share the information from your video with the group.

Step 4: Working with your partner CREATE a list of examples of each type of resource.  
Have at least 3 examples for each TYPE.

Step 5: You and your partner be prepared to share your examples with the class.

Step 6: After we finish creating your list, go back to your KWL chart and fill in the L section, showing what you have learned so far today about TYPES of RESOURCES.


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