3Q: Culture?


On Google Drive create a document in your CULTURE folder and name it CULTURE2.  

Use it as you watch the video below and answer the questions on the worksheets in the documents below.

Group 4: Beliefs & Values

� What do members of a culture valueand how do these values influence how culture members behave?

� What religious beliefs do culturemembers hold and how do these beliefs influence how they behave?

� How do historical events influencehow members of a culture conduct their lives and structure their society?

� How do beliefs and valuesinfluence the development of economic and political systems?

What are some factors that encourage cross-culturalinteraction, and what impact does this cross-cultural contact have on aculture?

Student Objectives

You will be able to:

� Define the terms beliefs and values and explain how beliefs and values influence human behavior.

� Explain that beliefs and valuescan influence the development of a culture�s governmental and economic systems.

� Explain that members of a culturevalue certain things, such as material objects, social relationships, technicalskills and

  abilities, artistic abilities, education, and religious beliefs andpractices.

� Explain that exposure to othercultures can influence what culture members believe and value.



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