3Q: Culture?


On Google Drive create a document in your CULTURE folder and name it CULTURE2.  

Use it as you watch the video below and answer the questions on the worksheets in the documents below.

Group 2: Economic Activities

� What economic activities have members of a culture developed to help them meet their needs and wants?

How have the features of the natural environment influenced the economic activities developed by the members of a culture?

� What technology have culture members developed to help them carry on their economic activities?

� What economic concepts have culture members used to organize their economy?


Student Objectives

You will be able to:

� Explain that culture members carryon certain economic activities to meet their needs and wants.

� Explain how economic activities are influenced by climatic and topographic features and by the natural resources found in

  the environment in which a culture lives.

� Explain that members of a culture develop technology to help them carry on their economic activities.

� Explain that cultures develop various economic systems to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

� Categorize jobs as a service,industrial, or agricultural work.

� Describe the technology that wouldbe necessary to complete a project.



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