3Q: Culture?


On Google Drive create a document in your CULTURE folder and name it CULTURE2.  

Use it as you watch the video below and answer the questions on the worksheets in the documents below.

Group 1: Geography

� How do members of a culture adapt to the climatic features of their environment?

� How do members of a culture deal with the topographic features of their environment?

� How do members of a culture utilize natural resources to meet their basic needs for food, water, clothing,and shelter?

� How has the natural environment influenced the culture�s population distribution?


Student Objectives

You will be able to:

� Explain how climate, topography,and natural resources influence how members of a culture adapt to their environment.

� Explain how climatic and topographic features and available natural resources influence population distribution patterns.

� Describe how geographic elements have influenced culture development in a specific region.

� Describe the natural resources and climatic and topographic features of a specific region of the earth�s surface.



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