European Domination


Your GROUP will be the EXPERTS on the video clip & website you have been assigned.  (The videos & websites are listed below by group)

Step 1: Watch the video provided below.  Gather information that will help you complete the assigned task. Be sure to think about the ideas of our previous study with Part 1 of GUNS, GERMS, and STEEL-(farming/domestication, surplus, specialization, innovation/invention) and how your new information CONNECTS to that.  You will also want to connect to the information from the CONQUEST: INTRODUCTION video the whole class watched.

Step  2:  Think about how all of these ideas are connected.  How will you illustrate this? 

Remember that each connection should have an explanation.
(For example if you connect FARMING to DOMESTICATION give a brief explanation 
of how these two things are connected, and why this is significant to the over all TASK.)

Step 3: Create a GRAPHIC ORGANIZER that ILLUSTRATES the factors that allowed Europeans to dominate the world for the last 500 years.  Remember to INCLUDE information from our previous day's study about "GEOGRAPHIC LUCK" and the role it played, as well as the connections your video information has to the CONQUEST: INTRODUCTION video the whole class watched.

Step 4: You will SHARE this information with the class.  Groups will rotate and use information from your GRAPHIC ORGANIZER to edit their GRAPHIC ORGANIZER, to make it more COMPLETE and ACCURATE.

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